Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Montauk pre-Sandy by Spears and LMD

 This dude was the only one catching anything the day before Sandy.  Took 11'3" of board to grab the 15 foot-ish slabs of chop. Hell rides.

 Forbidden fruit

 eff you Sandy

Batten down the hatches

room for one more?

The weekend before Sandy we got to camp and surf at the very end of Long Island.  We had no idea how bad the storm was to be, and that it will be quite sometime before we will surf our home coast again.  There are many ways to help out those affected, Turtle just alerted us to this one, she and others will be doing this: OPERATION SURFINBIRD

Photos by Mike Spears and Mike O'Shea

Sunday, November 4, 2012

We DON'T heart Sandy

Please help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. We spend most of our time out in Rockaway, so that is where we are choosing to help out.  A lot more than Rockaway needs help in a bad way.  Here are some links to info on what you can do.  If people have more or other information, please comment on this post and we will add em up to this post and newer posts to come.  Its going to be a long process, there is lots for us to do.

Red Cross Hurricane outreach

If you have Facebooks, join up with the Rockaway Surf Club, they are located at 302 Beach 87th Street in Rockaway Beach, NYC. We were with them yesterday and they are doing great collecting and distributing clothing, food, cleaning products, as well as organizing a bunch of us grunts to go into people's homes and help dig em out.

Another facebook group: Rockaway Emergency Plan

Time Out NY actually has a pretty comprehensive list of different ways you can help all over the NYC/NJ area.

Endless Bummer is a great blog doing a great job keeping the NYC surf community informed.